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Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship Application

YTT Scholarship Application for BIPOC

The mission of the Yoga Parkside Foundation is to foster inclusivity and accessibility to wellness offerings by way of welcoming spaces for all, especially those from historically underserved populations.  We believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, and want to do our part to increase diversity in our students, and in our teachers delivering yoga to our communities.


We recognize that increasing the representation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) teachers in the yoga community is central to fulfilling our mission and are committed to that cause.  The intention of the YPF Yoga Teacher Training scholarship program is to create better representation of BIPOC in the yoga community.

We believe representation matters, and BIPOC are under-represented in the yoga community and especially as yoga teachers. Our yoga teacher training scholarship program seeks to foster equity in the accessibility of yoga  training by removing some of the financial barriers to traditional yoga teacher training facing communities of color.

In an effort to reach as diverse a community as we can, we plan to advertise this scholarship in different ways than we have traditionally advertised our program in an effort to reach more communities where there are yogis, but no programs for training.

Yoga Parkside Foundation acknowledges that this doesn't address every barrier in the yoga community, and we have ongoing work to do to increase accessibility and create equity in yoga. This program is part of our ongoing work. We recognize that our lead teaching team does not represent the diversity we seek to see in yoga and know that it is important for us to do personal work in order to train BIPOC. If you have suggestions for barriers that you think we can address in our community, or for ways to reach communities of color to continue our work on inclusivity and breaking barriers, please e-mail us at

Our yoga teacher training scholarship program is only open to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of Color) individuals.  Applicants need to already have a yoga practice, regardless of whether it is home- or studio-based.  Additionally, applicants should have the goal of teaching in some capacity upon graduation from training.

How do I apply?

Only BIPOC individuals are eligible to apply.  Please click here to apply for a scholarship for Yoga Parkside Foundation's Yoga Teacher Training Program.

How will my application be evaluated?

Yoga Parkside Foundation's Accessibility, Inclusion and Equity Committee reviews all applications to ensure that applications are complete, fully answered and clearly speaks to the candidates' personal goals of growing and supporting the BIPOC community and intentions after their certification. We review applications as well from the lens of our Yoga Parkside Foundation Values to understand if there is alignment with those. 

When will I find out if I have received a scholarship?

We will notify applicants of approval or denial within two weeks of receipt of their applications.  

If you are interested in making a donation to Yoga Parkside Foundation to help fund our teacher training scholarship program, please e-mail us at Donated funds will go directly towards scholarship recipients' tuition.


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