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Our Mission in Action

The mission of YPF is to foster inclusivity and accessibility to wellness offerings by way of welcoming spaces for all, especially those from historically underserved populations.  The Yoga Parkside Foundation is committed to cultivating community & nurturing inclusivity and transformation by way of accessible wellness offerings.  We celebrate a diverse range of yogic practices and purposefully work within collective spaces to serve diverse populations. These include black and brown bodies, indigenous bodies, various sized-bodies, disabled bodies, LGBTQ+ bodies, and all bodies who may otherwise feel excluded from wellness offerings. The Yoga Parkside Foundation seeks to cultivate welcoming spaces for everybody.

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Wellness Collaborative Venture sponsored by Immersion East Side in partnership with Yoga Parkside Foundation

Wellness is a social justice issue.  The collaboration between Immersion East Side (IES) and Yoga Parkside Foundation (YPF) emerges from a shared commitment to social justice as well as an interest in making wellness offerings available to underserved communities – especially those on Buffalo’s East Side. 

Jericho Road

Yoga Parkside Foundation provides outreach and free yoga classes to refugees in buffalo at Jericho Road Ministries.


King Center Charter School

Yoga Parkside Foundation provides free yoga classes to students and staff at King Center Charter School as part of our commitment to social justice and wellness for all bodies.

Yoga in the Parks

Yoga Parkside offers free yoga at parks throughout western new york, including Niawanda Park and Canal Side.

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