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The Yoga Parkside Foundation

©2022 by Yoga Parkside

Located inside Parkside Lutheran Church

2 Wallace Ave. (2nd Floor)

Buffalo, NY 14214


We are excited to announce that Yoga Parkside is now a non-profit studio via the Yoga Parkside Foundation!


Yoga has transformative potential, with research pointing to its strong benefits for reducing stress, healing trauma, increasing attention in learners, and reducing chronic pain. Studies prove its usefulness for recovery situations, returning veterans, healing physical injuries, reducing high blood pressure, increasing learning in academic situations, and more.

Eliminating Barriers.

Access to yoga is hampered by cost, transportation, availability, and more. The healing practice of yoga can be further limited by exclusionary language or ideologies, inadequately trained instructors, or other concerns.

Expanding Outreach.

Donations make it possible for us to make the healing benefits of yoga more widely available to our community. The benefits of yoga and meditation should not be limited only to those with access to classes. Instead, they should be available to any and all who could use it.


Living Our Mission.

Our mission is to welcome the individuals and families of our community to the transformative power of yoga.  We believe that all people, regardless of finances, should be able to experience the profound gift of yoga.

The Yoga Parkside Foundation provides scholarships to people of all ages so that they can participate.

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