Meet Our Family

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Aileen Bown 


Aileen believes that practicing yoga is one of the best things she does for herself.  This led her to complete her yoga teacher training at the Ashville Yoga Center in Ashville, NC. She teaches the importance of connecting with the breath, connecting breath with motion and letting the breath guide the practice. Her slow flow vinyasa is like a moving meditation that cultivates a connection with the self. 


Amanda Muldoon


Amanda began dabbling in the yoga world in 2008.  She had always been able to put her mind to something and achieve it rather quickly, but with yoga, she had to be patient both mentally and physically.  Every time she steps on the mat, she becomes aware that she is a different person than the last time she practiced and may find new struggles or new successes.
Amanda completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Rising Sun Yoga in March 2015 and has taken many trainings over the past few years to continue her growth in the practice and teaching.

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Elle Zimpfer 


In 2015, Elle walked into her first yoga class carrying very different intentions than what she left with. Elle never experienced the cathartic moment in savasana others talked about. She never nailed headstand like she wrote in her intention later at yoga teacher training. Instead, she gained so much more! Yoga provided a platform to replace judgement with inquiry. It provided space to practice self compassion.

Sharing this experience became so important. Elle completed her 200 hour certification in trauma informed yoga with Yogis In Service. Elle is also certified in Yoga for 12 Step Recovery, sharing the powerful benefits of integrating movement into recovery.


Jeanne Barrett


Jeanne began her yoga journey 4 years ago when she was told the cancer she previously had, came back. Yoga and meditation has helped her with countless treatments.
Her healing journey led her to treatments in Mexico, having to leave her 7 year old son for 3 months. A combo of alternative & standard of care paired with yoga and meditation,  kept her body and mind at peace.
She took her yoga training with Yoga & Ayurvedic School in 2020 while teaching her son at home. She figured it would be fun to have them both learn together. She looks forward in sharing her passion and practice with the community because yoga is a way of living life, not a workout.


Jen Mergler 


Jen has been practicing yoga since 2010, and began teaching in 2018. She believes in making yoga approachable for all people, and emphasizes body awareness and choice in her classes.
She knows firsthand how transformative and therapeutic yoga can be, and works to help others connect with their practice, making it entirely their own, reaching them where they are, and helping to guide them where they feel they need to go. Her classes are perfect with those, like her, who live with chronic illnesses, pain, and mobility issues.


Jessie Mancuso 


Jessie started her yoga journey over 15 years ago, and began teaching in 2020. She believes in creating space for her students to go inward and listen to the mind and body through yoga poses, breath, and relaxation.

As she continues on this journey, she has learned you don’t do yoga, you live it. She is always looking for ways to embody that in her practice and in her teaching. Her passion is finding ways to calm the nervous system and release chronic stress in the body as well as making yoga available to everyone both financially and physically.


Katie Ketterer


Katie is a Registered Nurse, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, and has her 200-hour Yoga Certification specializing in Addiction, Recovery, and Trauma.

 Katie enjoys sharing the gift of yoga with others, and loves to hold space for each person to move, breathe and work through their own personal "stuff" on the mat. She has found yoga to provide a means to raise the vibration of the subtle bodies, while nourishing and supporting the physical body, making yoga accessible to all. 


Liz Vetrano

 Kids Instructor 

Liz is a lifelong yoga practitioner and mother who shares the benefits of yoga with her own child, as well as through the kids classes she teaches. She completed her 95-hour Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness training at the Omega Institute through Little Flower Yoga in 2017 and teaches Yoga For The Young Child and Yoga Adventures here at Parkside. Liz also completed an additional training through Kidding Around Yoga and is pursuing studies to become a certified KAY teacher-trainer. She completed her 200-hour training through Yogis In Service in 2019.


Megan Callahan

Studio Founder & Instructor 

Megan's sacred path began early in life. She loves to work with people to help them become more connected to and aware of their bodies’ innate wisdom and potential. She has been teaching for over ten years and has studied many forms of yoga including Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kripalu and Integral, as well as Pilates, the Andrei Droznin method, and the Michael Chekhov Technique.

She is also a Reiki Master-Teacher and energy worker. Her Vinyasa classes are a lovely way to explore building strength and confidence while opening bodies and hearts. Megan combines her philosophy of energy work into her classes, and her classes also often include chanting, unique sequences and self-inquiry using yogic and buddhist principles.


Sam Attard 


Samantha Attard is the founder of Spiro Collective, where she uses yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and modern nutrition to help women find their unique path to well-being in mind, body, and spirit.


She is a Buffalo native and received her PhD in Nutrition at UNC Chapel Hill. Sam has been teaching yoga and Ayurveda since 2015.


Learn more about Ayurveda and working with Sam one-on-one at, or check out her podcast, Happy Healthy Human Radio.


Symphonie Chanel 


 Symphonie is passionate about her work. As a Childbirth Doula, Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, Perinatal Yoga Teacher, and Alternative Healing Practitioner her goal is to bring conscious wellness into her own communities including the east and west sides of Buffalo. Symphonie is the proud owner and founder of Her Sacred Way LLC., focusing on feminine self-care and wellness offerings for black women and girls. She believes that we cannot expect life to be "easy” always, but we can however choose which “hard” will be most rewarding in the end, so that we can enjoy the journey along the way.


Allie Doran 


Yoga for Allie started at a young age,  has been doing some form of yoga on and off for many years. She found Yoga of 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) training and completed the training in 2018 which  led to her incorporating the practice and philosophy of yoga into her professional world. She then  completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2019 with Yogis in Service, and  2020, she completed a 25-hour Oracle Yin Yoga training. Allie loves the idea of practicing life skills on her mat, and finding a deeper connection to herself, and the people around her, and hopes through teaching she can share a piece of her heart and breath with you.


Deena Helm 


Deena's first introduction to yoga was in 2017, and she began teaching in 2022. She is passionate about not only making yoga accessible for all bodies, but also honoring yoga's roots.

Using it initially as a tool by which to connect to herself emotionally, and she tries to embody the eight limbs of yoga. She received her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Vinyasa, Yin, and Karma Yoga, as well as education in ayurveda. She is also experienced in Hatha and Restorative, and her teaching style centers compassion for the self and meeting every body's needs.

She continues to grow her yoga practice every day, and looks forward to helping students do the same.


Jaime Herbeck 

Prenatal Instructor 

Jaime's passion for yoga spans more than a decade and her travels have allowed her to study and teach yoga around the world. Living in India for an extended time offered her the chance to delve deeper into the roots of yoga across the practices of hatha, ayurveda, meditation, and pranayama. More recently, Jaime spent a transformative year teaching yoga and creative arts to the bright young Cambodian students of Liger Learning Center. This journey inspired her to complete her 200-hour RYT hatha teacher training at AyurYoga Ashram in South India. Jaime approaches teaching as a privilege and a path to connecting students with their true selves.


Jen Hogan 

Foundation Manager & Kids Instructor 

Jen first discovered yoga in her teens and immediately fell in love with the practice. She discovered Yoga Parkside after attending Baby and me classes with her little one.

 Shortly after, she completed Kidding Around Yoga's kids teacher training and became one of Yoga Parkside's child and family instructors. She loves teaching kids and sharing all the benefits of yoga, both on and off the mat. She is now the general manager of the Yoga Parkside Foundation.


Jes Durham 


Jessica found yoga in 2011 and immediately felt aligned and connected with the practice. In 2019, she received her 200-hour training in Bali, Indonesia with a focus on vinyasa and hatha, and later received her 500-hour training in 2022 to include yin, yoga nidra, and other advanced practices. Her teaching style includes the fundamentals of connecting movement, alignment, and breath, through a vinyasa flow with a balance of challenge and accessibility. You can expect to be challenged in a safe way to recognize your strength and resiliency both on and off the mat, and leave feeling rewarded, empowered, and focused. Some experience recommended for class.


Kaily Golba 


Kaily is a certified vinyasa flow and yin yoga instructor who specializes in functional movement and mobility training. In her years of teaching she has had the opportunity to connect with many different communities all around Buffalo. Kaily’s teaching style is inclusive and modifications are always offered. Her main goal is to create a safe space for people to feel empowered and comfortable in their bodies so they can connect with a personal moving meditation. Kaily’s focuses are strength building, improving joint health, mobility, body awareness, and internal activation to light up our fire within!


Lin Tschari-Starr


Lin’s yoga journey began after hitting rock bottom, several times in her life. Yoga has been her safe space to discover inner truth and experience deeper knowing. 

She finished her 200hr yoga teacher training in May 2018. In April 2019 she was certified to teach Y12SR. It’s a program that mingles the 12 step program, with the basic principles of yoga.

Yoga teaches us to let go, be flexible in life, accept things that we can not change, and it gives us the courage to change the things we can. Lin wants to be able to share this joy and passion with all of you. She’s looking forward to sharing her light and love.


Maya Mollerus 


Yoga is the relationship that is built between our body, mind and breath. In the practice we create space for the daily obstacles. Maya is aims to help others find this release so they can comfortably and competently move their bodies through life. With a trauma-informed and compassion centered teaching style Maya enjoys weaving meditation and ancient wisdom philosophies to the practice. As a mother to 2 young boys, Yoga has been nurturing to her mind and soul. Her hope is to share this so that you step off the mat feeling nourished and balanced.


Paul Palombo


Paul has been studying the science of Yoga through the Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) since 2017. SRF was founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Paul became part of the Yoga Parkside community in 2018 when he attended a Winter Solstice workshop. Since then Paul has added Asana to his daily spiritual practice.

He received his 200 hour teacher certification in 2020 from Love in Motion and went on to complete his 500 hour teacher certification in August 2021. Areas of study included Yin, Mythology, Sanskrit, and Ayurveda.


Sorren Cooke 


Sorren is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant who enjoys keeping busy and experiencing yoga. She enjoy teaching and using yoga as a means to connect to herself along with something higher than herself. Maintaining her body in a happy and healthy way is what sets her soul on fire. She strongly believes that bridging body and breath in strengthening and restorative ways is beneficial, once we help heal ourselves, we can heal our community.


Teresa Corrigan 


Teresa started practicing yoga more than 20 years ago, with the encouragement and assistance of her daughters. Meeting the physical challenges of yoga (building strength and improving balance) helped Teresa with other activities. 
Over the last five years, Teresa’s yoga practice has become more regular and disciplined. Moving and breathing with others creates for her a deep, inner connection. Teresa’s love of yoga was something she knew she had to share.
In 2019, Teresa completed her 200-hour trauma-informed yoga teacher training with Yogis in Service. She now teaches yoga to children, adults, and families. Her favorite
style is a flowing Vinyasa practice, but she has a “beginner’s mind” and continues to learn about other yoga styles. Teresa loves teaching and sharing yoga. 

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