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YPF Scholarship Application

To apply for a scholarship through the Yoga Parkside Foundation, please complete the scholarship application below.  All scholarship applications are reviewed on a rolling submission basis.  Our scholarship committee will review your application and applicants will be notified of a decision within one week of receipt.  

Scholarship Application

The Yoga Parkside Foundation is committed to cultivating community & nurturing inclusivity and transformation by way of accessible wellness offerings.  We celebrate a diverse range of yogic practices and purposefully work within collective spaces to serve diverse populations. These include black and brown bodies, indigenous bodies, various sized-bodies, disabled bodies, LGBTQ+ bodies, and all bodies who may otherwise feel excluded from wellness offerings. The Yoga Parkside Foundation seeks to cultivate welcoming spaces for everybody.


We believe that all people, regardless of finances, should be able to experience the profound gift of yoga. The Yoga Parkside Foundation provides scholarships so that all can participate and grow in their practice.


To be considered for either full or partial scholarship, please complete this application.


Applicants are welcome to reapply, but please note that approval may not be granted for more than two scholarships per year.

The following questions are optional and are only used for data collection purposes for our funders:

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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